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3 Great Books to Read with Your Kids (August Picks!)

Updated: Aug 23, 2023


Are you looking for some good books to read with your kids? If you are, I've got you covered!

The books chosen for this months Books I'm Loving post have been read on repeat recently in our home - so they're tried and tested. They're also some of our family favourites.

So if you're on the hunt for great books to add to your home library (that will not only entertain but educate your kids too), then this is a great place to start 👇🏾 1. "Ninja Kid – From Nerd to Ninja!" by Anh Do A book about a nerdy kid called Nelson, who wakes up one day and discovers that he’s suddenly a ninja (and the last ninja on earth!!!!), this book is funny, SO relatable for kids, and a great introduction to novels. The text is large (great for young readers) and it has awesome illustrations throughout. This is book one of the Ninja Kid series, and these books make reading fun (our kids actually cackle 😂). We love the Ninja Kid stories because they get kids excited about reading and jumping at the chance to read another chapter! Highly recommend for kids from 6-years-old (although our 4-year-old loves this book too).

2. "Malala’s Magic Pencil" by Malala Yousafzai A powerful true story about a little girls wish for a better world that’s free from poverty and danger, and where every child can go to school, no matter their gender. This book touches on confronting topics in a beautiful and age-appropriate way, and gives readers a window into what life was like for Malala living in Pakistan under the Taliban. Deeply moving and inspiring, our kids love the main message of the book: there is magic and power in our words and actions, and every child can make a difference. Have tissues nearby – this book is impactful and wonderful. A great book to read to kids that expands their world and hearts.

3. "The 7 Habits of Happy Kids" by Sean Covey

This book is a family favourite! Not only is it written by the son of famous author Stephen Covery (the author of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"), it's a compilation book for eight stories that celebrate friendship, diversity and inclusion, and that teach 7 habits that empower kids to lead happy lives. I can’t recommend this book highly enough… Our kids adore the stories (they both have their favourites) and we find the habits so helfpul, that we use this book as a go-to tool - something we've added to our parenting toolkit. It helps us teach the kids valuable life lessons, and gives them tools and strategies that help them navigate their way through the world. Whether it’s helping them to deal with friendship struggles at school, or teaching them how to communicate with one another when they have a disagreement or are struggling to share, I believe this is a must have book in every family home.

For quick access, below are some links to online retailers who stock these wonderful books:

So there you have it... Our August picks for Children's Books of the Month. Book recommendations and reviews are going to become a regular feature here on the blog. You'll see posts like this each month (I might even test out VLOGS soon too - what do you think?) With that in mind, is there something in particular that you or your kids are struggling with right now?

Maybe it’s confidence, friendships, or kids not eating the meals you prepare?

I want to make sure I share book recommendations with you that will help make life a little easier (and also books that your kids will love). So invite you to email me and let me know what your number one parenting challenge is right now. I'll then see what amazing children's books we have here that can help, and will be sure to share them next month to help you with that very thing! Email 📧 with the subject line: My #1 Parenting Challenge Right Now and I'll get to work 😉

Until next time friends, Happy Reading!

Jaleesa x


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