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We think so!

When it comes to children, is it really possible to help them develop solid financial foundations simply by telling some fun stories? 

Here's the thing.... when it comes to raising financially confident kids, there are basically eight money lessons, that if missed, can negatively impact their financial future. Children tend to be curious about money. Our role is to simply direct that curiosity to the 'good stuff' that’s going to benefit them long term! 

However, the challenge is this: as a caregiver of energetic young humans with hundreds of competing priorities, it’s sometimes difficult to have enough time, mental space, and energy to identify what those beneficial money lessons are and how to teach them in a way that will engage and empower kids. 

Solving this problem for caregivers - be it parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts or uncles - is what we do all day, everyday! 

  • struggled to negotiate with a determined child over something they wanted to buy…

  • struggled with a toddler tantrum in the middle of a shopping centre because you dared to say
    “no, we can’t get that today”… 

  • or struggled to explain a money concept, and freaked out about scarring your child with your own money baggage…


Then pay close attention, because we’ve got something that can help! 

If you've ever... 

Let me introduce you to...

This is the first book of eight in a fun series created for children’s financial education. 

These children’s books hone in on the eight fundamental money lessons that every kid needs to know. Plus, they take the struggle out of teaching kids about money, and they make learning financial literacy fun!

If you’re interested or even just curious about these books, enter your name and email below, and I’ll put you on the waitlist to be among the first to know when My Money Lesson from Ms Boss is released.

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Here's a look at the books in the series that cover the eight key money lessons

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