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Let's be Pen Pals!

No junk mail here, I'm bringing "real" straight to your inbox!  If you want to teach your kids about money in a way that's fun and they'll understand, and are interested in encouragement and digging deep, let's be pen pals.


You'll get my monthly emails on all things financial education, money mindsets, family, travel, and everyday life. Together, let's build deeper connections, and teach our kids essential finance habits and skills so they can thrive. You in?

Subscribe below and let's do this!

Yes, I want in!

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Keep an eye on your inbox for my emails and be sure to mark them as 'Not Junk' (or 'Not Spam') so they don't get lost in your junk mail. 

hey there!

Writer, finance educator, and mother of two, I'm crazy about making money simple and fun for everyone.
Can't wait to see you in the community!

I'm Jaleesa Paine.

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