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My name is Jaleesa.

Picture of me, Jaleesa Paine
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Most days you can find me with my hair in a messy bun, typing away on my laptop, in between negotiations with our beautiful but determined children, as my coffee turns from hot to lukewarm nearby.   


I am mostly known for my previous work as a mortgage broker, my love of family, my big toothy grin, and singing instead of talking (songs are too easily embedded in my psyche!)


People often refer to me as warm, welcoming, and positive. My family on the other hand call me “the tops communicator” … But I’ll also answer to Jay, Jeesy, or Mum too.

I love serving the world by sharing my personal experiences with money, and professional expertise from over a decade of working in the finance industry. My intention is to help make money matters easier (and dare I say it, enjoyable) for kids and families, educators, and the community.    


I have a deep affinity for Motown music (thanks Dad!) and I probably love Chinese food way more than healthily possible. I also love:

  • binge watching rom-coms on Netflix

  • emojis and exclamation marks

  • sunflowers 

  • drinks with friends around the campfire & laughing until my belly hurts

  • bookstores

  • being in nature... beach or forest, I love them both!

  • big family gatherings   

  • road trips (with lots of snacks!) 

  • ballroom dancing & singing like no one’s watching.

The things I love that remind me how beautiful life is are my family, friends, travel, and my kids cuddles.    

Five things you might not know about me

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I’m the eldest of four siblings and our names all start with the letter ‘J’ (talk about tongue twisters for our parents!)


At 11 years old, I danced at the 2000 Sydney Olympics Closing Ceremony – it was a fun samba routine to John Paul Young’s “Love is in the air”


I’m part Australian, Chinese and Papua New Guinean, and very proud of my heritage.


Married to an amazing guy, we said “I do” when I was 22 (you know when you know!)


I’m an ace at catching land crabs by moonlight, with no special equipment needed. Just ask my relatives back on the islands of PNG – it’s a skill, and ya girls got it!

Get access to the tools and scripts we use in our home to shake off money shame, talk openly about finances as a family, empower financially savvy kids (and have fun along the way) when you grab my eBook Guide.

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Want to know how I talk to my kids about money?

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