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They’re here! Two NEW kids money books 📚

Updated: Apr 23


The day has arrived and I am feeling all the emotions! There is something extremely exciting and also vulnerable about finally revealing work to others that you’ve been invisibly working away at for some time. 

I woke up this morning feeling ecstatic, then anxious and nervous, before jumping back to thrilled again, because today is the day I’m officially releasing two new books from The Money Lessons Series: My Money Lesson from Miss Money Bags and My Money Lesson from Sir Saver - which is, of course, cause for celebration!

Cue the party poppers!

The word “release” feels appropriate today on many levels… I’m releasing two new children’s picture books into the world that teach kids how to manage money and save it, but I’m also releasing the pull to go back in and edit my writing one more time. 

To release the gift that these books have given my own life - how they’ve helped my husband and I navigate teaching our own kids about money in a way that feels age-appropriate and easy, and allowing these books to now share their magic with you… releasing them over to the world is a beautiful moment.

These books are now out there - and hopefully on the way to your homes! I’m so proud of this work and the impact these fun and enchanting money books will have on the financial wellbeing of children who read them. And I’m so thankful that it’s because of you: amazing parents, carers, guardians, educators, and business owners that these books will reach the young people who they’re designed to serve - giving kids the gift of financial literacy in a way they can understand and love.

Appreciating this moment, I’m reflecting back on where it all started, and wanted to share this story with you (also because, you know, who doesn’t love seeing some behind-the-scenes action?!)

From Morning Tea Tales to Money Books

Looking back, I had no idea that a story I told our kids over morning tea one day - after they begged me to “tell us a tale!” - would one day become a fun picture book series for children's financial education. I was just trying to tell an entertaining story that would satisfy the kids (and also weave a life lesson about money in there too), because I was sick of dealing with tantrums at the shops, and thought coming from a different angle might help.

Here is a photo of the original story that I told the kids that day... It wasn't called The Money Lessons Series back then. We titled it "The Kids Who Wanted To Be Rich" 😄 It's come a long way since then!

Tantrum in the Toy Aisle!

You know that scene, right?

The one where you’re strolling through the store with your kids, and suddenly, they spot a shiny toy that tickles their fancy and they just have to have it. And despite your best efforts to explain the concept of budgeting and saving, and why you can’t buy that toy today, a mega meltdown unfolds.... 

It was because of one too many scenes like that, where the need for practical resources that teach kids about money became glaringly obvious, that the The Money Lessons Series was born. 

These books aim to provide parents and carers with helpful resources that make explaining money concepts to kids not only easier, but enjoyable too.

Bonus: No Boring Finance Books Here!

After working in the finance industry for over a decade (and encountering my fair share of boring finance jargon), I’ve made sure these books are easy for kids to understand, and that they’re packed with fun. 

Each book has been tested by some of the harshest critics: my 4-year-old and 7 year-old-kids. And trust me, they didn’t hold back in unleashing their feedback! They told me when something didn’t make sense, or was dull, and when I needed to “write it again” 😅

Through colourful illustrations, engaging stories, relatable and amazing characters - like fairies, talking dragons, mermaids, mountain goats and more - these books help you teach kids money concepts in a way that resonates with them and leaves a lasting impression. 

Travelling through diverse habitats along The Road to Riches, also opens little minds to the beautiful world around them, and is just another bonus kids will walk away with after reading these books. But the road to where we are today wasn’t a straight one… 

Writing and publishing children’s book is a challenge

From overcoming my own limiting money beliefs, and doubts about my ability to bring a book series to life without any prior experience in the publishing world… To securing sponsorships, and backing this project with our own savings… To then managing setbacks with printers and print run defects, and navigating book distribution and marketing on a budget... 

It hasn’t been easy, but when I look at these first three books from the Money Lesson Series, and receive reviews from parents (like this one 👇🏾) it all feels worth it.

Want to read my books?

I hope your children love these books as much as our kids do! And if your kids are anything like ours, they probably like to read a few books in one sitting. That’s why I’ve deliberately packaged these books into different options...

There's the Trio Book Bundle, the Duo Book Deal, and Bulk Order options for businesses and schools. This way I’m also able to offer *free shipping and share a special gift with you too. You can learn all about these offers and order your books at the button below:

It feels SO GOOD to finally release these two new books! I cannot wait for you to read them and for your kids to get the money lessons too. This is amazing!

Happy Reading 🥰

Jaleesa x


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