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Who could benefit from ordering the Miss Money Bags books in bulk?


* Wonderful for businesses or organisations who want to gift their clients or staff beautiful books that their kids will love


* Ideal for educators and schools who are looking for financial education resources to compliment lessons being taught in classrooms

* Perfect for libraries that are committed to having financial education books available for patrons and the community to benefit and learn from

"Tell me more about My Money Lesson from Miss Money Bags" ⬇️ The Blurb:


Does your money ever run out?
Can you buy what you want and still have cash left for later?
What’s the best way to look after money?

Unsure what to do with the $10 she’s earned, Adeline and Money Fairy travel down the Road to Riches determined to find answers. Before long, they discover a whole new world, and learn a surprisingly easy (and delightful) money lesson.

Addressing common concerns, this gorgeous book teaches children money management skills, and invites young readers to practice these finance habits in their own life when they realise how fun, simple, and valuable managing their money can be.


Captivating and instructional, use this book as a motivating guide to teach kids a beneficial money lesson, and watch their financial awareness, confidence, and wellbeing flourish.



The second book in the Money Lessons series - My Money Lesson from Miss Money Bags is beautifully illustrated in full colour, and is a must-have for every famiy home bookshelf and school library.



BULK ORDERS: My Money Lesson from Miss Money Bags


NOTE: A MINIMUM ORDER OF 20X COPIES IS REQUIRED TO RECEIVE THE 10% BULK ORDER DISCOUNT. Orders made that are under 20x units will be refunded. There is no maximum order limit. If you have any questions regarding bulk orders, please email

“Couldn't ask for a better guide..."

- Jess C, Mother of two & Homeowner

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