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How Our Money Mindset Shapes Our Kids Financial Futures

Updated: Apr 23


Hey wonderful parents, carers, and guardians! 

Today, I want to dive into a topic that goes beyond our own financial wellbeing, and look at the impact our money mindsets and beliefs have on our children. Specifically, I’m pointing to the power of words, and how the way we speak about money not only shapes our personal financial reality, but also strongly influences the financial mindsets of our kids.

We’ve all heard the expression, “you are what you say you are,” and when it comes to money, this couldn’t be more true. 

Think about it for a moment. How many times have you caught yourself saying things like: “I am terrible with money,” “I can’t save,” or “I am no good with credit”? Throwaway comments like this may seem harmless, but subconsciously they do more damage than we realise. 


And, did you know that by speaking these words aloud, you’re not only reinforcing deep seeded disempowering beliefs about money for yourself, but may also be unintentionally passing them onto your kids too?

Our kids are like sponges - soaking up everything around them - especially what we as their parents and primary caregivers say and do. They watch, they listen, they repeat, and they internalise. Then, as they continue to hear you voice negative beliefs about money, guess what? Over time they start to believe and inherit those money beliefs too.

So, if our words have the power to shape the financial futures of the next generation, what can we do now to help them form money mindsets that will serve and positively impact them? 

Identify your own limiting money mindsets and beliefs

It’s challenging to change your behaviour around money if you’re not aware of what those behaviours are. A great place to start is to analyse the conversations you’re having with yourself about money, and look at what words follow the sentence starters: “I Am” and “I Am Not”.

Doing this ‘fill in the blank’ exercise can be powerful. Don’t overthink it, or try to get the ‘right’ answer - just say or write down the first thing that comes to mind when you say:

When it comes to money, I am….(fill in the blank)...

When it comes to money, I am not…(fill in the blank)...

This offers you a window into what your money beliefs are, and gives you a clue to what you’re currently modelling for your kids. 

Watch your Words

It’s because of the power of the words that we have this saying in our house: 

Your words create your world. Be mindful of what you speak.  

Why? Because what we say and repeatedly affirm shapes our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. If you’re constantly saying to yourself and others things like, “I am bad with money,” or “I am never going to earn enough to afford that,” chances are you’ll continue to struggle in those areas. What you say programs your mind and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.   

So the next time you notice yourself about to utter a disempowering money belief, catch yourself and consider the impact it might have on your children. Ask yourself, “when it comes to money, what world do I want to create for myself and my kids?” 

Then reframe that old negative comment to something aligned with that new world. Instead of saying, “I am an overspender,” try flipping it to, “I’m learning to spend wisely.”

By taking charge and changing the narrative around money, you’re not only transforming your own financial mindset, but also role modelling a powerful example for your kids. You’re showing them that money doesn’t have to be a source of lack, limitation, or stress - it can be a resource and tool they can learn to work with and master to achieve their goals.

Knowing that our words about money create what the world of money will be like for our kids, let’s create a world where our children grow up feeling confident and empowered. Where they have solid finance foundations, are financially resilient, and feel secure in their financial abilities. 

kids ideas about money

Together, we can shape a brighter financial future for the next generation. The great news is, it all starts with the words we speak. 


Here’s to speaking prosperity into existence!

Until next time, 

Jaleesa x


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