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Get the latest 2 books in The Money Lessons Series as a pretty pair!

If you already own a copy of My Money Lesson from Ms Boss and would love to add to your collection... 


If you're looking for an easy, fun, and impactful way to teach kids about money...


If you're kids love story time and connecting with you as you read them magical tales... 

And if you love encouraging your childs curiousity and want to introduce them to financial education... Our Duo Book Bundle with Miss Money Bags and Sir Saver is for you! 

Two beautifully illustrated picture books that take young readers on a journey along The Road to Riches, children will learn how to effectively manage money and feel confident, plus how to develop powerful savings habits, create their own goals, and how to achieve them using a creative and fun savings tool. 

In this Duo Book Deal, you will get:


  • Money Book #2 - My Money Lesson from Miss Money Bags
  • Money Book #3 - My Money Lesson from Sir Saver 
  • Free eBook Gift - How to Talk to Kids About Money - emailed to you once your purcahse has been finalised 
  • **FREE Shipping across Australia** when you use the promo code: DuoFreeShipping at checkout


Not just for children....
At the end of each book, you will find discussion and reflection questions for both kids and adults. These two sections have been intentionally included to help children reaffirm the money lessons learned in each story so they can apply them to their own lives, and to give adults tools that they can use to support kids in their financial education journey too. Fun stories, plus real-life application... it's a win-win and no-brainer!

Duo Book Deal


With the Duo Book Deal, for a Limited Time Only, FREE Shipping is included in the purchase price for delivery across Australia, only when you use the promo code 'DuoFreeShipping' at checkout. Tracking included. Estimated delivery times of 10-14 business days. 

International shipping is currently not available through this website. However, should you wish to purchase these books from a location that is outside of Australia, please email and advise your delivery location, and we will advise how we can assist in getting these books to you. 

“Couldn't ask for a better guide..."

- Jess C, Mother of two & Homeowner

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