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Camping at Kenilworth: My Top 5 Fave Trip Things

Updated: Jul 14, 2023


Last month, we packed up the car and kids, and travelled north for 2 hours from Brisbane to Kenilworth, for a cheeky two night camping trip with amazing friends. What a magical place to stay and play!

I could write a long blog post about all the reasons why it’s worth going to Kenilworth with your fam-bam too, but it’s such a pretty place, I thought sharing some happy snaps from our trip would be a nice change for today’s post.

So on that note, are you ready for a photo dump and some album captions?

Here goes! 📸

1. Beanies and Campfires The idea of going camping during the cooler months with young kids used to freak me out (my ancestors are from PNG... It’s in my blood to prefer the heat!) 🌞

But while it may be chilly, camping when it's cold is also the perfect opportunity for campfires, marshmallows, pom-pom beanies, and sitting around the fire telling ghost stories (or in our case, stories about bat invasions and dragons!!), and laughing with friends. In these photos, the kids are rocking their warm beanies, learning about fire safety (thanks to our resident firefighter & friend Uncle Brad), toasting marshmallows, and exploring the riverbed that was just behind our campsite. The Mary River was so clear, fresh, and inviting… No wonder Miss 3 rolled up her PJs to step in!

2. Tasty Treats! I’ve heard so many rave reviews about the donuts from the Kenilworth Country Bakery, of course it was mandatory that we stop by to grab some sugary treats before our Saturday adventure!

We were spoilt for choice, but thankfully they had a special going where it was cheaper to buy 6 donuts instead of 4 (woohoo for us!) - so we didn’t have to play scissors, paper, rock to decide which donuts made the cut and which didn't (phew!) The kit kat and pistachio donuts were top favourites for the adults, but choc mint and choc sprinkles were winners for the kids! The custard donut is my pick for next time (get in my belly!) Also, opening the box and reading “Donut Judge” was such a cool and fun bit of packaging… It made me smile! 🥰

3. Walks, Waterfalls, and Rock Climbing

TLC’s song is playing in my head right now…

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to…”

Is it on repeat in your head now too? #sorrynotsorry 😜 Song lyrics aside, the cruisey 2.6km forest walk, rock climbing fun, and waterfall seeing and swimming we enjoyed at Booloumba Falls was incredible! You do need a 4WD to get there, but once you arrive, there are plenty of picnic tables where you can enjoy a packed lunch before you head off on your walk.

All 6 kids enjoyed the trail walk along the creek - with plenty to see and big boulders to climb and explore - it was an easy walk for us all (with only a couple of complaints and piggy back rides needed on the way back).

Swimming in the waterhole under the waterfall was a highlight for me. Even though it was FREEZING cold, it was invigorating and fun! Something I’ll definitely do again when we visit next time.

4. Skipping Rocks on the River and Relaxing

We stayed at Parklands Camping Kenilworth and we were impressed the moment we drove in… I’ve never seen a campground so well kept! Pristinely mowed lush green grass, happy cows for neighbours, mountains in the distance, and large campsites that backed onto the Mary River… pet and family friendly, it was a wonderful place to stay! BONUS - we didn’t have to call and book ahead! We simply rocked up, picked a free campsite by the river, set up, and the next morning said hello to the owners when they stopped by to collect cash for our stay ($15 per adult, $10 for kids over 5, and under 5 are free). We could have stayed all weekend at the campgrounds (that’s how lovely it was). Wandering around the grounds, seeing the kids in their element - loving the freedom to explore and play - picking up different coloured river rocks, stacking them to make ‘castles’, or the adults joining in to find the thinnest stones for skipping… that was pretty special.

5. Animal Sightings and Train Track Strolling

One big snake, a wild koala sighting, and while it was debated, I swear I saw an eagle… Seeing these animals with the kids (on top of the happy cows mooing nearby, and birds visiting the campsite regularly), was a wonderful part of the weekend. As was exploring an old railway track and tunnel off the beaten track! I have no idea what this track or tunnel is called (a great find by Uncle Brad! I’ll have to ask him and update this post later) - but it was fun. A little spooky... but fun! It’s also where we spotted the koala!

So there you have it friends - a photo album wrap up of our recent camping trip to Kenilworth. A quick camping getaway (or great day trip option for non-campers), I can safely say that Kenilworth is well worth the trip. We will be going back there for sure!

Jaleesa x

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