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Want to talk to your kids about money but not sure where to start?

Join a community of parents, carers, grandparents, and teachers who are having small (but mighty) money conversations with kids everyday – empowering them with the kind of financial education they wished they had growing up. 


The step-by-step prompts and tools provided in this series will take you from “I can’t talk openly about money” to fully self-expressed money chats in no time. 

When we ditch the money taboo and commit to transforming the conversations we have around money, we create bright futures (not only for ourselves, but our families too).

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Teach Your Kids Fundamental Money Lessons with My Free 8-Part Email Series!

Free resource!

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What’s included in this series?

When you sign up for my Money Conversations with Kids series, starting on 15th January 2023, you’ll get 8 emails over 8 weeks, with content designed to kickstart conversations with your kids around:


  • How to Make Money

  • How to Manage Money

  • Saving Money – plus a fun bonus exercise on how kids can set goals and stay motivated!

  • Spending Money

  • Giving

  • Investing

  • How to Make Powerful Money Decisions

  • How to Have a Healthy Money Mindset 


Delivered straight to your inbox weekly, the content in this series is simple to follow, practical and easy to implement. 

Frequently asked questions:

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Yes, complicated finance jargon has been removed. It’s very family friendly!


Yes, this series is suitable for both little kids and big kids (it works for both my 3-year-old daughter and 13-year-old niece).


Yes, it is free (YAY!) and the content is super helpful! It’s value packed +++


Yes, you can fit this series into a busy schedule. As a mum of two kids under 5, there’s no time for long winded things!  

“Jaleesa has been invaluable in helping us work towards our dream future.”

– Robin & Jo, Parents & Seasoned Investors 

Sign me up for the Money Conversations with Kids Series that starts 15th January 2023! 

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